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Snapchat makes custom geofilters easier with new templates

Snapchat wants to make your party planning easier. The mobile storytelling app has released customizable templates for geofilters, the in-app illustrations that are seen more than 1 billion times every day. Now, Snapchat users can go to the on-demand geofilter page on desktop to access a set of tools for designing ...

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Asia’s Most Innovative Universities


China and India have the biggest populations in the Asia-Pacific region, and the economic news coming out of both countries usually dominates world headlines. Out of the top 20 universities, 17 are based in Japan and South Korea. Topping the list as the most innovative university in Asia is KAIST, ...

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Banking is tough when you’re an immigrant. This app changes that

Immigrants in most countries have a host of legal impediments that make many activities more difficult, but a new app called Monese (pronounced Muh-neez) is letting immigrants bank with less hassle in the UK. Unlike many banks that require special fees for immigrants, Monese offers low-cost international banking transactions and ...

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Cheap(ish) college tech you need for dorm living

Well, it's August. It's like if Smonday were a month, and worse, it's the time for the dark void that is college shopping. Everyone will tell you to buy different things, and you will buy these overpriced things and throw a third of them away. Because you can't afford to ...

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